• AntiVirus Best Practices for FSLogix Profiles

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    I recently implemented the latest version of FSLogix Profiles (V2.1) and as part of the process realized that there should be a documented list of Antivirus exclusions needed in order for FSLogix Profiles to work optimally. The following is a live list that I will continually update with any of my findings:


    Path: C:\Program Files\FSLogix\

    Exclusion: frxdrv.sys and frxsvc.exe


    Path: C:\Windows\TEMP

    Exclusion: Exclude .VHD and .VHDX


    Path: Profile Root Path (Wherever your FSLogix Profiles are stored)

    Exclusion: Exclude .VHD and .VHDX for Folder and Subfolders



    Disclaimer: It is important to know that antivirus exclusions can potentially increase the attack surface of a system and might expose computers to a variety of real security threats. I cannot be held responsible for any attack that results to your system as part of following any of the guides and suggestions on my site.

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